About Us

Accreditation reduces risk for business and its customers by assuring that accredited Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs) are competent to carry out the work they undertake within their scope of accreditation.

QAB-AB has voluntarily adopted and follows the guidance and mandatory documents issued by International Accreditation Forum. QAB-CAB complies with appropriate international standards and the applicable IAF application documents for the consistent application of those standards.

QAB-CAB is not signatories to the IAF Multilateral Recognition Arrangement (MLA) hence not evaluated but system of QAB-CAB are evaluated by Accreditation committee to provide confidence in the operation of their accreditation program.

QAB-CAB voluntarily follows the requirement and work as per structure and scope of the IAF MLA is detailed in IAF PR 4 – Structure of IAF MLA and Endorsed Normative Documents.

The IAF MLA is structured in five levels: Level 1 specifies mandatory criteria that apply to all ABs, ISO/IEC 17011. The combination of a Level 2 activity (ies) and the corresponding Level 3 normative document(s) is called the main scope of the MLA, and the combination of Level 4 (if applicable) and Level 5 relevant normative documents is called a sub-scope of the MLA.

The main scope of the MLA includes activities e.g. product certification and associated mandatory documents e.g. ISO/IEC Guide 65. The attestations made by CABs at the main scope level are considered to be equally reliable.
The sub scope of the MLA includes conformity assessment requirements e.g. ISO 9001 and scheme specific requirements, where applicable, e.g. ISO TS 22003. The attestations made by CABs at the sub scope level are considered to be equivalent.

QAB-CAB works in a way that delivers the confidence needed for market acceptance of conformity assessment outcomes to enable that outcome of QAB-CAB can be recognized worldwide, thereby facilitating international trade